Alpha Co 4/12 199th Light Infantry Brigade (Separate)
Tour of Duty 1969 - 1970


Mera sitting on cot, Rifleman, Alpha Co. 4/12 and Doc Sam in the background reading, the barracks on it's outside was covered by aluminum panels.

Alpha Co. was deployed to assists the 9th Infantry Division at Rach Kein, somewhere southeast of Saigon, swamps, rice paddies, canals and Nippa Palm country.

I believe Mera is from the south.


Willie Cunningham, Squad Leader/Rifleman Alpha Co 4/12, First Platoon.

Willie was from Cincinnati, Ohio. Big Harris was is M60 machine Gunner.

There were daytime patrols and night ambushes from this 9th Infantry Division, Rach Kien FSB.


Willie Cunningham, one the few from Alpha Co 4/12 that wore a Flack Jacket, and on such small a body frame.

When we got to the jungles we were told to dig Fox holes, that exercise never lasted too long, as the area we were in was rocky ground.


Troops on APC moving through an open area. This is a squad size on the APC.


Huey landing at Jungle Landing Zone(LZ).


Trooper setting up his hammock for the night in the rubber plantation.


This looks like a M60 firing position in the rubber plantation.


Defensive positions sprawl amongst the rubber trees.


One of our first Base when we arrive in the highlands, smack in a rubber plantation.

This was where some of the Troopers first started to sleep in hammocks, some had quite a few spills in the night.


The person sitting resembles Sam Toven.


The trooper looking at the camera resembles a Rifleman from Syracuse, NY.

The trooper next to him resembles Rosado of Alpha Co 4/12, 1st Platoon.

Now who could that be walking by?


The mosquitoes under the rubber trees cam in all colors and size, they attack night and day.


Clustering, nah they are very much alert.


Taking a deserved standing break in the jungle.


Keep it spread out in the open area, approaching the tree line of the jungle.


Troops moving across the highway.


Jungle stream.


Greg "Sam" Toven and Wilson taking break in a Rubber Plantation.


Wilson, taking a break in the jungle, he was a Rifleman/Point-man.

Wilson got promoted in the field to Sergeant. He actually had to pass a review at HHQ to get his strips.


LOH landing at at Jungle Landing Zone.


LOH at Jungle landing Zone. This chopper carries a crew of two sitting side by side.


Jungle stream view.


Cloud column indicates an explosion, probably from a bombing run.


James Crane donated all these Photos - I am very very grateful, especially since that I am shown in Combat footages, and my memory is still there, to make comments.

Please do not abuse James Crane's recording of our Vietnam Tour of Duty history, please share.

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