Alpha Co 4/12 199th Light Infantry Brigade (Separate)


Tour of Duty 1969 - 1970


Doc Bradley, Medical Corpsman, A Co. Alpha 4/12.


James Crane, Radio Telephone Operator (RTO) Alpha Co. 4/12, rotated out of the filed to Brigade Main Base, Long Binh-Camp Frenzell-Jones, side arms replace M16 in the field.


Trooper walking on board path, Alpha Co 1st Platoon, Rifleman and M60 assistant gunner and ammo bearer, he was from a southern state, and a Electrical Engineer.


James Crane and Burns Alpha Co. 4/12. Burns a Rifleman  was from North Carolina,


Enlisted Men (EM) rank below Sergeant or E-5 Club, Brigade Main Base, Long Binh-Camp Frenzell-Jones


Burns and Wilson, Alpha Co. 4/12 during a break from Humping(walking), during these breaks, you check and remove Leeches by burning them off or with insect repellant.

"Wilson was a rifleman/point-man and he made sergeant in the field.  He actually had to pass a review at hhq to get his strips." Direct quote from James Cranes.


B. "Doc Sam" Samuels Alpha Co. 4/12 1st Platoon, attending to a walking wounded.

My gas mask is in that right pocket at knee level, the left pocket probably has C-Rations, and my left shirt pocket contains my Morphine cache.


This Fire Support Base (FSB) reminds me of FSB Joy, this base you either chopper or walk into as we had to do, it was abandon, we had to rebuild it, and the bunkers were crawling with scorpions.

Work horse Chinook with supply to maintain FSB integrity.


FSB Joy, this base was a 4/12 Battalion assign Area of Operation (AO).


Huey to the left and Cobra to the right, what a Cobra on the ground? this is very unusual to see a chopper station on the ground at a FSB, this base looks like Joy.


James Crane with wild orchids.


In the fore front is Rosado, Rifleman and Point man Alpha Co. 4/12 1st Platoon.

Rosado was from Cleveland of Puerto Rican extraction, who wore a Puerto Rican flag on his steel pot.

Rosado had a guitar at FSB Stephanie & Rach Kein (9th INF DIV), before we went to the highlands, we had our little entertainment after a mission.

Why do I think that the person with steel pot on his me, I hardly went without it, damn thing is heavier than a Tank, but damn if I don't know what it's worth to life.


FSB name N/A in Long Khanh Providence, North of FSB Nancy off highway 13, civilians milling around.


Bunker complex, a small complex could be  about six and large ones could be twelve( these figures could be revised), covering an acre or so.

If a Point Man does not read signs, or their smelling is not acute to the jungle, you could end up walking into one of these well concealed entrenchments.


This Python was killed when Alpha Co came across this snake on the trail swallowing a Deer.

The carcass of the Dear can be seen to the left, the snake was said to measure 30 feet, it makes the 19 footer that one of Alpha Co killed the first week in the highlands looks like a baby. They display the 19 footer on the back Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) for measurement.


Trooper crossing jungle stream, that could be Doc Bradley giving an helping hand, notice on his rucksack is the Medical Kit.

You should be aware of how you extend an M16(Rifle) to assist some one in a jam, this is one error you should avoid.


I totally forgot this waterfall, we just kept on going by, this must be in the area of the ARVAN base on the hill where Alpha Co 1st Platoon (without the LT) pull some patrols and ambushes.

We hump(Patrol) that mountain and no sign that Victor Charlie(VC) the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) even pass through.


This person reminds me of Alpha Co A 1st Platoon Rifleman from California by the name of Carroll.


Person to the left with head down looks like Overstreet, I cannot identify the two M-60 Ammo Bearers.

Doc Sam, with back to camera, studying the negotiations with young Baby San, now let me recall if it was for the price of a hammock..

Rubber Plantation is in the Xuan Loch Area of Operation (AO).


This FSB does not even have a Bern on this side, tent might be Command Post (CP), or could it be the Aid Station?

Howitzer (155M) , probable has Bee Hive ammo that would be fired at point blank, while Mortar for close in fighting.


Huey coming into a jungle Landing Zone (LZ)  for what seems to be pickups.

They are not going to be on the ground for long, so the Teams(Squad size) have to space out accordingly.


Resupply Huey...Ammo, Explosives, Smoke Grenade, C-Rations, Mail, Packages.....

This type of Jungle LZ calls for chopping or using explosive to clear out trees, bear in mind the width must have a wide elbow room for the chopper blades.


The 199th was a self contain Brigade, Choppers to K-9 Unit, the dogs were all male.

Break, timeout for K-9 too, his handler must make sure he does not over heat, otherwise whichever ability the dog has, as is best attribute, smelling/Hearing/seeing could be lessened, yes you will overheat under a triple canopy.


Logging truck operated by civilians, Loggers used logging hand saws.

Most of the trees had shrapnel imbedded, but the trees were huge yield a good amount of Lumber feet.


This area of Peanut cultivation was in the Highlands, adjoining the Main Highway.

They employ the slash and burn method to clear the jungle, of course we help ourselves.


James Crane donated all these Photos - I am very very grateful, especially, since that I am shown in Combat footages, and my memory is still there, to make comments.

Please do not abuse James Crane's recording of our Vietnam Tour of Duty history, please Share..Comment..Correct...

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