Alpha Co 4/12 199th Light Infantry Brigade (Separate)


Tour of Duty 1969 - 1970


HHQ Clerk (Could be supply or administrative) at BMB


Crane, Zero and others in a Hooch  (Barracks), BMB Long Binh.


James Crane kicking back in the cut(Bed), at a Barracks for DEROS(Date Effective Return Over Seas??) Troops.


James displaying his reading material, after all a picture is like a thousand words.


Lt. Laurie Ruffino at BMB Barracks, the person in the background could be Wilford Green from South Carolina..


Barracks at BMB, Long Binh, I can recall his face but not the Trooper's name.


This appears to be a Alpha Co 4/12 stand down(A break from the missions, chance to shoot the breeze, no Guard Duty, kick it back) at BMB.

Let's get those Beers iced up.


Kipley and others at BMB, Long Binh.


This must be Christmas of 1969 at BMB, I was away on Rest & Recuperation (R&R) in Singapore, where I also celebrated my birthday Brap Brap Brap......


Zero and Kipley checking the football pressure at BMB.



Civilian Transport on highway, Long Khanh Providence.


Civilian three wheel truck,  Long Khanh Providence.


Light Observation Helicopter (LOCH) on the deck, meanwhile above is the war machine (Cobra), talk about maximum Pee coverage.

The LOCH is a two person spotter chopper, usually travel with two Cobras trailing, these Cobras had a small turn around circumference after strafing run.


The LT is going over the coming mission with his Squad Leaders and maybe the RTO man.

Someone have a Pancho tied to a tree to keep off rain.


Platoon Leader, Lieutenant (LT) and troops moving through open jungle area, where it's best not to bunchup.


Artillery pieces are in place, fortification is in motion.

Trooper to the right seems to be getting a GI bath (Shower with out using wash cloth)


The mobile water tank is equipped with straps for transportation by chopper.

Water was brought in  to FSB, that was tread at a major base, such as Bien Hoa, Xuan Loc, BMB..


Kipley and Overstreet are sitting on the Detail, sand bags and empty ammo crates need to be filled with earth.

Placing sandbags on the culverts will also keep the bunker cool, protection form shrapnel and bullets.


James Crane with M-16 and PRC25 Radio and no Rucksack, most likely it's a long rest break.

The short antenna is employed, the antenna's length determines the communications range.


Kipley checking weapon, that is a good practice to maintain, as the underbrush could cause the M-16 Safety pin to movein a firing position and cause a discharge.


Civilian logging truck working in the jungle.

These areas usually present under footing problems with the fallen trees and branches, but you could get some coverage in a Firefight.


Civilian market along jungle highway.


Jungle stream, fast running and rocky underfoot, calls for good balance and sure footing.


Jungle stream, no time to check the fish stock, the NVA gets their resupply from these streams.


Platoon Leader and Troops "Saddle up" at BMB, all set to return to a FSB or straight to a mission in the jungles.

They will be either flown out or by land convey.


Huey coming in for landing at LZ.


Troops playing catch at FSB

Troops on APC moving through jungles.

Troops on APC moving down highway.





James Crane donated all these Photos - I am very very grateful, especially, since that I am shown in Combat footages, and my memory is still there, to make comments.

Please do not abuse James Crane's recording of our Vietnam Tour of Duty history, please Share..Comment..Correct...


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