Alpha Co 4/12 199th Light Infantry Brigade (Separate)


Tour of Duty 1969 - 1970



Big Harris, Rifleman/M60 Gunner assistant to M60 Gunner Alpha Co 4/12 with M60 moving out from village.

Big Harris from Corpus Christie, Texas, always maintain a good frame of mind, check that smile. Willie Cunningham was his Squad Leader.


Troops at village hooch, most likely waiting to be transported to the next assignment.


ARVN Troops resting at village hooch.


Trooper under is Poncho, sleeping in the peanut field.


 Trooper in peanut field.


Troops and civilians at village hooch, one would want to question them and scout around for any NVA activities.

Cash crop consist of corn, banana, pumpkin, squash, peanuts....I cannot recall coconut trees in the highlands


Beautiful aerial shot of Dinh Quan village, not in the photo  to the right and is FSB Nancy on a hill.

There were some Montagnards in this village.


Troop with m67 moving down logging road, usually this crew has small Mortars, the ammo for these weapons are a bitch to hump in the jungle.

Alpha Co 4/12 always stay off these logging trails, and with good reason too, we got ambushed a few times.


Doc Sam directing the Huey Dustoff, lowering the Jungle Penetrator.

The other Trooper will secure the Jungle Penetrator and assist with securing the wounded.


The wounded are to be remind not to look down and to stay steady.

All ammo should be removed, explosives and weapons from wounded.


At this point fingers are crossed, hoping no Snipers or RPG take the chopper out.


Duty is over, on their way to Field Hospital in Saigon, getting back to cover.


This North Vietnamese Army (NVA) soldier was wounded in a fire fight, and his receiving medical aid after we treated our wounded.


This wounded North Vietnamese Army (NVA) soldier's lucky day, word came down from Top to get him ready for the Med Evac chopper.


This North Vietnamese Army (NVA) soldier is rigged to the jungle penetrator for security purpose, and will be evacuated to be interrogated.


The APC is equipped with a single 50 Caliber weapon up front, and two M60 machine guns at the rear.


Troops are off the APC and walking flank, only the Crew are aboard.


Huey at a grassy LZ 


Huey at a grassy LZ 


This view is from the rear of the Flying Crew of the Huey chopper over a jungle village.


Soldier refilling water canteen from jungle stream, this was certainly more healthier than scooping water from a bomb crater that had carcinogens down in the Mekong Delta.

The canals in the south east areas of the Mekong Delta were very muddy,  feces and saline, the saltiness was due to the sea tides, that are sometimes more than four feet.


This is some fancy shower stall, Redcatchers are always improvising.

There is a two gallon canvas bag with a shower nozzle, this calls for using water efficiently, wet down, soap and rinse...move out.


Chinook resupplying detail, RTO man staying in contact.


Mamma San taking a time out with her fire wood for cooking, while GI goes about his business of patrolling in the banana grove.


Troops setting up at night in jungle, trooper in his hammock with poncho above to keep off the rain.


Troops playing football at a village at Thanksgiving.


Troops playing football at a village at Thanksgiving, the game looks intense.


Troops in jungle, this appears to be a NVA base Camp.

Troops under cover at Plantation.




James Crane donated all these Photos - I am very very grateful, especially, since that I am shown in Combat footages, and my memory is still there, to make comments.

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