Alpha Co 4/12 199th Light Infantry Brigade (Separate)


Tour of Duty 1969 - 1970


A Tepee at FSB Nancy, home away from home.


 Wilson and others at FSB


 Wilson - Kipley and others at FSB


Village View


View of highway from Truck going through Highland Village.


Troops taking break in jungle. The Trooper in front bears resemblance to Warnke the M-60 Machine gunner from Alabama.


Troops standing off highway, platoon size at a staging area.


Troops moving through Michelin Rubber Plantation. Spade is for digging Fox holes, in the jungles, we stop ding that after a month.


Time to return to the boonies for A Co. 4/12 Company size stand down at Brigade main Base, Long Binh.

New uniforms make them appear to be NFG, but the eyes wont and there will be no sweat.


Troops moving down road at sunset on APC's.


Village Chapel off highway in the highlands.


Village Temple off highway in the highlands.


Troops stand in corn field.


Troops moving through Michelin Rubber Plantation, possible going to ambush designation or on patrol, Long Khanh Providence.


Troops needing aid in the jungle, trooper sitting down is Alpha Co A Point man(his name does not come to mind), it appear that he had a serious case of leech attack.


Troop taking break in jungle.


Troops and APC moving through the jungle.

Platoon leader reading map, often times the geography and what's real are not the same.


Troops falling in for ceremony at FSB Nancy, wow I have never seen that before.


Troops fall out, could someone say what this ceremony is all about?


Troop taking break in jungle, keeping up with what's going on in car racing.


Troops civilians in peanut field, civilians seems to be on lunch break and Troopers are on guard.


Duce and quarter stuck on logging trail.


 Troops standing by at a village at Thanksgiving.


This location reminds me of an incident in a similar surroundings, where unopened c-rats were thrown in a fire to burn waste, and one can blew and hit this Trooper in 1st Platoon and  from California in his butt, now I can say if he was put in for a Purple Heart.


 I am not sure what area is this, other than it as to be III Corp.

Same place again, why am I thinking FSB Joy, nah.




Troops getting water in jungle stream, trooper steel pot decked out with Marlboro cigarettes boxes, not my idea of using camouflage.


Troops getting chow FSB, this base looks like FSB Joy.


SGT Jabo





James Crane donated all these Photos - I am very very grateful, especially, since that I am shown in Combat footages, and my memory is still there, to make comments.

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