Alpha Co 4/12 199th Light Infantry Brigade (Separate)




Master of Ceremony - Johnny Velasquez.
Invocation - Mike Gross.

Guest Speaker - Staff Sergeant (Ret) Shilo A. Harris
Benediction - Mike Gross
America the Beautiful - Led by Sand Diamond



The 199th Light Infantry Brigade Wall of 757 Soldiers Killed In Action (KIA) in the Republic of Vietnam and Cambodia.

The Wall was created by Greg (Sam) Toven - Rifleman/Infantry Weapons team.


There was no Alpha 4/12 back drop, 3/7 came in handy to display the Redcatcher.

This is my officially first reunion, there were only two Alpha 4/12 69-70, but there were others from the early days, such as CSM Diamond.


The River Walk - San Antonio, this was one of my favorite place to visit on a weekend off from training at Fort Sam Houston.


The Break room, on the right I recognize Doc Marvin.


Sam Toven - Redcatcher Webmaster.


Fancy Horse and Carriage, I was never in San Antonio at night to get this experience.


Carriage ride in the old district.


Willie Brice and B. Doc Samuels, we were near to the starting point of the River walk.


The Alamo, I never miss going here during my training to be a Medical Corpsman, but this is my first visit at night, somehow the front looks different, could be the lawn, there are some stories about the Cats here.

Back in the days there were the Mariachi Bands and dancers.


 VFW Post, the oldest in Texas, a beautiful building, the veterans Funky Band were on hand to perform the ceremony to the 757 KIA.


Next time I will go for a trip on the River walk, this place has cafes, Bar & Grill, Restaurants among other place for shopping, live bands outside also.


Banquet Room - L-R: Doc Sam, Doc Gunther, ???, Sam Toven after the Dinner.


Redcatchers and their significant ones, photo taken from hotels entrance to the river walk.


The Alamo, very serene, it's a moment to reflect as to what you would have done, when Santa Anna forces were charging.


Walking from the River Walk, Sam, CSM Diamond and his significant one, heading to the Alamo.


These Presents were donated by Redcatchers for the Raffle you have a ticket...


An assortments of snacks in the Break Room, where Redcatchers converse to fill in the blank spots, good job Frenchie.


Hotel Restaurant view of the River Walk, such an ideal setting..





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