Alpha Co 4/12 199th Light Infantry Brigade (Separate)




The Redcatchers Administrative Building at Ft. Benning, GA. 

Michael Gross on the left, my back is turned to the 199th KIA casualty list from Vietnam, created by Sam Toven, amongst the other items given to the current Brigade from Redcatchers Veterans of Vietnam.


Alpha Co. 4/12 199th Light Infantry Brigade 69-70.

L to R: Jim Crane-RTO, Sam Toven-Rifleman, Baldwin Samuels-Medic.

Ft Benning Airborne Jump retrieval area, the present Redcatchers stage multiply drops on our behalf.

I was stationed at the Ft Benning Air Field with MedEvac Team, to assist with injuries or blown off course.

This Drop Zone is in Alabama across the Muscogee River.


Baldwin and Barbara Samuels at the Infantry Museum for the Dinner Banquet, at Columbus, GA.

This Banquet was without music, nevertheless we still enjoyed ourselves.


The New National Infantry Museum at Ft Benning in Columbus, GA, which is located near the front entrance of  Ft. Benning.


Not an easy road, 757 Killed In Action (KIA) creating Gold Star Mothers...Not an easy road.








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