Alpha Co 4/12 199th Light Infantry Brigade (Separate)




Johnnie Velasquez - MC.
Benediction - Michael Gross, Association Chaplin.

Invocation - Michael Gross, Association Chaplin.
Music - Ram Chavez & The Veterans Funky Rock Band.


The Banner list of all units of the 199th Light Infantry Brigade(LIB) Separate.

The 199th was not attach to any Division, there are times we support them, such as the 9th Infantry Division down in the Delta.


Alpha Company 4/12, 199th LIB, tour of 69-70.

We were all in Alpha Co. from the swamps/paddies to the highland jungles.

L-R: Rocky Del Monte-CA, Eddie Braxton-LA, Cartritus Johnson-TX, James "Jim" Crane-CA, Baldwin "Doc Sam" Samuels-Jamaica/Brooklyn, Greg "Sam" Toven, Leo Young-OH, Mike Hellberg-OR, Maurice Valentine-MO.

Missing Formation is Willie Brice-LA.


Wives of the Redcatchers L-R: Mrs. Hellberg, Crane, Del Monte, Braxton, Johnson, Young and Samuels, most were attending a Redcatcher reunion for the first time.

Onah Toven and Mrs. Brice missing.


Cartritus C. Johnson, Artillery


Dinner Dance, with Ram Chavez & The Veterans Funky Rock Band entertaining.


Redcatcher cermony.


The Mississippi River, good ole Muddy, cruising on a Paddle Wheel Steamer.


Self explanatory.


The Banquet Dinner, people milling around, I recognize Bruce, Paula Braxton and Eddie Braxton.


This is the famous French Quarter, also known as the Vieux Carré, is the oldest neighborhood in the city of New Orleans.


Doc Sam taking it easy in The Big Easy.


Harrah's Casino and Hotel was the hospitality center for the Redactchers Reunion.








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