Alpha Co 4/12 199th Light Infantry Brigade (Separate)




LR: Leo Young, CSM Diamond-Distinguished Service Cross, Sam Toven, at Banquet.


Banquet - Willie Brice.


Banquet - LR: Eddie Braxton, Paula Braxton, Cartritus Johnson's Son.


Banquet - Freddie Johnson, Mike Hellberg and Eddie Braxton.


Banquet - Doc Sam


We lay over east of Atlanta, on our way to Cocoa, FL.


Banquet - Paula Braxton, Cartritus Johnson Son and Daughter-in-Law for their first Redcatcher Reunion.


Downtown Nashville, stretch vehicle is Nashville Party Barge in the background.


Downtown Nashville, Honky Tonk water hole, on all three floors.


Downtown Nashville Hip Strip, there are live entertainment in almost every Bar plus on the street.


Banquet - Cozy couple, Willie and his significant other, they drove all the way from Louisiana.


 Banquet - Barbara Samuels, Freddie Johnson and Cartritus Johnson







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