Alpha Co 4/12 199th Light Infantry Brigade (Separate)




Laying of Wreath - Gold Star Families.
Invocation - Chaplin Park.
Welcome - Michael Gross.

Memorial Designer - Mrs. Kimberly Louie.
The Promise - Jack Murphy (Written & Sang By)
Benediction - Chaplin Harold Hunt.


Alpha 4/12 - 1969 -70, LR Back: Greg "Sam" Toven, Baldwin "Doc Sam" Samuels, Mike Hellberg, Willie Brice, Cartritus Johnson, Eddie Braxton, Louie Ruffino, LR Front:Gary Underiner, Atkin, Leo Young.

Missing James Crane and Dane Clarke.

Photo taken after the Banquet was over.


Alpha 4/12 - 1969 -70, LR: Barbara Samuels, Onah Toven, Darlene Hellberg, Paula Braxton, L. Young, Freddie Johnson.

Photo taken after the Banquet was over.


Cartritus C. Johnson, Atkin, CC daughter-in-law, his wife Freddie, in the break room.


Leaving the Chapel after the Memorial Service for the 757 Redcatchers Killed In Action (KIA) in Vietnam.


LR: Eddie Braxton, Cartritus C. Johnson and Carl Clarke of D 2/3 in breakroom.


Sam selling the Redcatchers merchandise, t-shirts, Shirts, caps, Redcatcher magazine, bumper stickers.


Sam is all over the place, well we were on our way back to the Double Tree Hotel, and got a great tour of Columbus, Sam I found out that the GPS needs updating.


Redcatcher Monument at Monument Hill.


?????????? Your guess is as good as mine LOL.


Here comes Johnny, I guess he is walking flank, while I am on Point DWL, naw I was just having some weight off my feet, doing my Selfie during the cocktail hour.










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