Redcatchers Enlisted Men's (EM) Club, Brigade Main Base, Long Binh.  Long Binh was located north of Saigon . To the west was Bien Hoa Airbase.  The evening entertainment provided by a band from the Philippines in this photo.

The Redcatchers also had a house band "Leadville Feed, Seed and Bag Company" consisting of Larry Merryman,
Bob Stayton;HHQ, Gary Markley;152nd MP; Lt. Mike Lessard;298th; a guy named Jay from some unit at II field Forces.

New GI's (Cherry Boys) in country were
not a part of this scene, but for GI's that were assign to the base or "Short" Timers (Tee Tee time left in da Nam).

The juice was that 3.2 beer or sodas, no
hard alcohol to be had at the EM club, but it was available at the Non Commission Officers and Officers Clubs.

I never meet anyone here, that I came in country with or the GI's that I spent the first two weeks in orientation, before going out to the Forward Support Base (FSB).


What do you think??? Well this is the look after the first night of celebrating coming in from the boonies in the EM club, at the Brigade Main Base(BMB). Why do I have a can  of soda, I had sworn off beer earlier well if you drink a lot of those 3.2, oh  shucks after  a couple of cans of sodas, I went back to those 3.2 beers. 

A few weeks later a couple of my Dog face friends  finished humping the boonies, I made the transition with them  to the Non- Commission Officers Club, where hard alcohol was served.

Big up to the brother Redcatcher that sat in with the bands many nights to give them some Soul, rendering is version of Major Lance  "Mama Did'nt Know" and the flipside "Monkey Time", a true double side hit.   

For a moment there I would be remising about those New York basement Parties,  slow drag Soul music, and the heavy bass Jamaican music,
Reggae, which was taking over taking over from Rocksteady and Ska.


This must be a very low traffic peak hour in Saigon, as normally the street would be jam packed with Cyclos and Pedis amongst the regular vehicles, with anything go for traffic order. 

I was always on the lookout for someone who may want to toss a hand grenade in the vehicle.

I am still fuzzy about my last trip through Saigon, on my way to Ton Son Nout Airport, to fly out to the world.






Dancer, nice little distraction, making you wish...


Hostess, she take your order for drinks and food.


BMB EM club, Black Label beer is the choice for this Redcatcher crew.


 Market day, vegetable matter name N/A.






These bands from the Philippines played a lot of Rock & roll music.


From L-R Sgt Fred McMillian, Doc Gabardi and Kit Carson Scout Xuyen, at the EM club, BMB, L:ong Binh - Photo donated by Roger Raymond of Co C4/12.


This young Vietnamese girl, among the many women employed by GI's to do the laundry, Ironing and cleaning the Hootch (Barracks) and other chores.
Some were employed to work in the Mess Hall, Officers, Non-Commission (NCO) and Enlisted Men's Club.

They would arrive for work in the mornings and depart in the evenings by Army vehicles.

Her dress mode is the normal wear and  the formal wear has a
attire would have a  long skirt over  the pants, that has a split from the waist down, the material would most likely to be silk.









With this money substituting for the green back, I could get a rum & coke or Vodka & Orange Juice......


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