4/12 Echo Recon, 199th LIB-Redcatchers




Stand-Down at BMB Long Binh November 1969. From left to right N/A, Red Anderson, Travis Lienhardt (dec. post Vietnam-RIP),  Doc Sam ( I was a short timer, but sharing the spirit with the team), Francis Delena, Mullins, Gene E. Conley, Sandt.

The Team got a break from the front lines, shower down, fresh camouflage outfit.

At the stand-down, we had barbeque steaks, hotdog, hamburger, cold cuts, beer and sodas that could easily feed a Company of 140, at the most the Echo team was only 23 grunts, basically two squads.

Note from Hank: "Travis saved my life by maintaining suppressive fire during a
cloverleaf one time.  My squad had ran into 3 NVA soldiers while we were on
cloverleaf prior to NDP for the night.  I was the only one that they had seen and they had me pinned down.  If it had not been for Travis they would have got me.  I named my only son after him."

Photo Courtesy of Hank Shockley


Forefront is Hank "Hearts" Shockley and Mullins. Hank said, I can recall getting advise and paying attention to SGT Bobby Porter (RIP), it paid off as Hank got to E-5 and return to the world, so did all members of this team. Team members not in photo are Grant Norton, Dick Hartman & Lt. Kimball.

Scene: Wooden Barracks, gone where the days of tents and parachute canopy that serves as cover for the refreshment stop.

On the next street in the rear was the Engineer's area, they had a nice club. Between Hank and Mullins to the rear on the stand is the barbeque pit.

BTW Hank was always smiling just as in photo.

Hank Shockley died July, 2012, RIP.

Photo Courtesy of Hank Shockley


Team members on left are Malen Malenski (Southeast Minn) and Mike Gobeli (Meservey, Iowa). I am not sure who was the Doc (Medical Corpsman) after I rotatedd out to the Med Cap Team up in Vu So and Vu Dat.out to the Med Cap Team up in Vu So and Vu Dat.

I want to thank Hank for responding to my appeal of photos of me (Doc Sam), that were taken by other Redcatchers.

Such a great feeling, to know that all the members of this Recon Team  return from Vietnam alive.

Photo Courtesy of Hank Shockley



SFC Bobby Porter - E 4/12.  He was the Recon Team Sergeant and second in command, and he knew how to command, he was able to maintain discipline in the ranks, by balancing fun and serious times, he earned those stripes. His Texan twang reminds me a little of Chill Wills the movie star.  He was the oldest soldier that I had ever hump the jungles with.

The team operations at times would take us beyond the range of the 155 MM artillery at FSB Nancy. We had to call in artillery on our position and dee dee out of that area, where we came across a freshly cut trail, and there was a lot of movements around us.

His choice of the modified M-16 is better suited for jungle fighting.

SFC Bobby Porter passed away in 2002, may he "Rest in Peace" old Warrior.

LT Peter Joannides:SFC Porter and I got to talk at a Reunion in Columbus, Georgia before he passed.  He was my best platoon sergeant and all of us highly valued his experience and leadership.  In fact he had served in the Korean War as an young Infantryman and we were fortunate indeed to have him with us in Vietnam.

Photo Courtesy of SFC Bobby Porter


Boonie hat I'm pretty sure is Tim Klug, Echo Recon 4/12, 199th Light Infantry Brigade at FSB Nancy II 69/70.


I took this picture in 1969 at FSB Nancy II, he is a 4/12 Echo Recon, 199th Light Infantry Brigade.


This pic from 1970 shows; L to R John Lowe, Padgett, Jim Mead, Mike O'Malley and Spencer.

Echo Recon, 199th Light Infantry Brigade


LT. Peter Joandiss 4/12 Echo Recon 1969 with his daughter Sophie at The Vietnam Memorial Wall. LT transferred from Delta 4/12 to Echo 4/12.

I ask peter about this burning question I had about Cambodia about Cambodia, his response was "From time to time we actually walked off the map section I had and took compass directions over the radio until we got back onto our map section.  


McGarth, Mondo and Hurst of C 4/12 at FSB in the highlands.of Corp III.


Andrews, Zakowski, Beckelic and Mondo at BMB Long Binh




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